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I am high experienced general manager with diversity background focusing on transport tech for the last two years. Vast experience in business development, fundraising, sales, and managing operations within my startup AnyWay.city. Before, I managed several venture capital funds with $260+ in total under management.

My key competencies are recognizing business opportunities, making synergy partnerships, driving innovations in business models leveraging my diverse background and large business network connections with corporations, venture capital investors and tech startups.

contact me for any interesting proposal:
e-mail: roman@
phone: +44 20 8638 8858 +7 905 581 4609 (messengers)
Roman Tyan
Founder AnyWay.city
We have a very short life, what do you want to leave in your heritage? I am aiming to create such a footprint which extremely impact to people' lives many centuries after
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