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Sheldon Personal Assistance is
Smart Local Guide
When you come to new places Sheldon makes your journey pleasant and effective.
We collected tons of advices of experienced locals and we can build the best plan.
Personalized Advices
Our local Sheldons who travelled a lot know what is the best fit to you. Just provide us your wishes and links on your social network accounts and we match it.
We Make Your Russia as Your Home
In Russia, lots of people don't speak English, signboards are on Russian. Almost all websites on Russian and travellers have problems with searching info and navigating.
We are not translators (Google Translate you can use), we are "Smart Intelligence" who help you to spend perfect time in Russia.
"I didn't expect that it will seriously help me, but after 3 days with online local PA I dramatically changed my mind about Moscow and Russia: there are many fantastic places you have never found via TripAdvisor. I have got emotions for three days as for a whole month. Fantastic!"
Art Shali
Marketer, Tel Aviv
"You can ask Facebook friends some tips or find locals through Couchsurfing, but you obtain only small peaces of puzzle, not-personalized and it is super time-consuming. These guys make their job impeccable. Just rely on them and enjoy your trip. "
Samuel Wood
Graphic designer, San Francisco
"For me Russia always seemed something dark and cold: people, weather, service. My friend recommended me to take local PA and I decided to test during my business trip. All my evenings were full of events, interesting people and places. I really love it! Guys, open this service in Europe pls "
July Dekker
Finance controller, Amsterdam
For Beginner Travelers
No need to spend much time in Google, Tripadvisor, translating local websites.
We know what is the best fits to you.

Don't worry about where to have a dinner, how not to miss local events, what to buy something special, just fully enjoy your trip.
You can see more, eat the best food in non-tourist places, make purchases on a fair price, reach your destinations in time.
For Experienced Travelers
We know mentality of Russians very well as we were born and live here. We will provide you deep dive into our culture with following lifehacks.
We can significantly save your money because we know where the best price/quality and how to unlock discounts.
We know secrets of the city, places you can get in only through invitations. As experienced travelers we understand which non-standard queries can be arised. Feel free to ask your queries.
Topics we are covering
Eat & Drink
Entertainments & Events
Secret Places
Transalation from Russian
Planning & Route optimization
Non-standard queries
Our plans
Our monthly memberships will be the best value for your money and offer some additional benefits
  • Specially selected by our locals MARKS in pre-downloaded map with following categories: Logistic, Eat & Drink, Sightseeing, Shopping with detailed information about each place.
  • One selected city
$5 / city
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  • Starter and Explorer packages plus:
  • Queries on all categories including Secret Places, Non-standard queries and Transaltion
  • Online support from 9AM to 11PM
  • Unlimited queries
  • Booking service (bars, restaurants)
$15 / day
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